Roadside MacGyver - Krysta Henry

"Roadside MacGyver" is a little workshop to help with the unexpected roadside issues that are sure to happen. Lead by Krysta Henry, co-founder of the Oklahoma City Litas and a member of the Dallas Litas. Krysta has a background in mechanics, carpentry, upholstery, leathersmithing, wrenches her own bike, and has a knack for being the creative DIY fixer when her people need it the most. A Jill of all trades! She owns a commercial upholstery business by trade, and has plenty of wrenching and fixing tips to share. | 

Riding in Kapi's World - Kapiness

"Riding in Kapi's World" is a little workshop to help ladies handle their bike, understand road conditions, what to take on roadtrips, what is the best way to park their bike so that they can get out easier, embracing their fellow sisters, and all around loving yourself. Kapi has a background in mechanics, air conditioning, upholstery. She is the designer of Kapi Kapes). Kapi is also the founder and creator of Under Her Wing, where seasoned riders take new riders and help them with their struggles and just being there for them and she is the most true sister you will ever know. Everyone loves Kapi and once you meet her you will too! What motivates you to ride? Ask your windsister, more than likely our answers will be the same but yet different at the same time.