We are The Litas Fort Worth, Texas

 This is the celebration of how we as women help build each other up, work through problems, encourage women...  We straighten a sisters crown without letting anyone know it was crooked.  We should be the ones who will leave a legacy of empowerment, and to change the stereotype of women on motorcycles and really as women in general. 

Rock your sister to help her recognize her potential, and how not to settle for less if she wants more.  We're never here to judge, before we sit in judgement of ourselves, because that only holds us all back... Remember knowledge is power, and WRW is all about sharing knowledge to make us all better Riders and to encourage the next generation of women riders to be same and make our voices heard in the motorcycle industry. 

The Litas Fort Worth are proud supporters of

Under Her Wing

    Under Her Wing was created to bring together women who are looking to improve their confidence and skills, with women who have been there and know what it's like not to have someone to help learn from. Our aim is to facilitate mentoring by experienced women motorcyclist of new female riders.